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Shion and Rat catch all post

Who: Shion, Rat and you! Also Mindy for death shenanigans
What: Catch all for week one and two ending with Shion's death
Where: Fourth floor, with some trips to third, so possibility of elevator stuff. Feel free to meet them anywhere
When: Later week one/week two
Notes: Shion will die in one of the threads, there will be violence, anything else I'll add as it comes up

[Fourth floor] The skeletons were very impressive, and very distracting. They had ended up on this floor in the run from the Cornucopia. It had been as good a place as any for Shion to tend to Rat's leg properly, though without any kind of first aid kit there was a limited amount he could do.

But they were both alive, Shion kept reminding himself that. The museum was strange and though it was a place Shion would have loved to explore under normal circumstances, the dark, the closed in rooms, made for a terrifying arena.

Shion spent the whole time on edge, jumping at every noise, glancing fearfully at every shadow. Trying to remind himself to breathe and that it was just like the last two arenas. Though that wasn't really reassurance, seeing as he had died painfully in both and his mind threatened to shut down whenever he thought of Rat dying here.

[Third floor and elevators] They had to eat, and seeing as there was no food on the fossil floor it meant moving, which meant using the elevators. They moved quick, or as quick as Rat could with his bad leg, he wasn't limping but Shion knew it hurt him, he was just being stubborn.

Each trip was as quick as they could make it, grabbing enough food to last a few days before they retreated.
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Fourth Floor

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That guy had done a decent enough job with what he'd had, but it was only the tie from his robe. He kept his head on swivel while Shion was distracted. He sat on the edge of one of the displays. In the elevator they'd found a package for Rat, and inside was a knife. It was smaller than he was used to but it still felt like having a piece of his arm back. He kept the crossbow across his back and the knife tucked into the cuff of his sleeve. This damned outfit didn't even have pockets.

No, he wasn't in any kind of hurry to make his injury more obvious to others than it was. But he'd stay close to Shion. He had to keep him alive. But for now he'd be the alert one and let Shion enjoy what he could. For now, they weren't in immediate danger. "Shion, do you think we could use this one's tail as a weapon? " He jabbed his thumb behind him at the stegosaurus.
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Whatever I kill, it'll be on my terms.

That's what she had said to Eva, right before they visited their District. It was laughable, to think of it now. What a crock of shit. Kill on HER terms? There was no such thing as that, not in the games. Worse still, she had to survive, and that meant sponsors. She wasn't trying to die like she had before, not without some kills under her belt. She needed them to see what she could do.

On the third floor, she waited. She heard footsteps and, making sure not to be seen, craned her neck to size up the situation.
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This was too easy, and it pissed her off. If this was a stooge, or someone she knew was a bastard, she could enjoy this, but there was no enjoyment here. It was a simple kill or be killed. Might as well make this quick.

She picked up a piece of debris and threw it near him, right out of his peripheral vision.
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She had to do it quick, and it was the only favor she could give to someone that never did her any harm. No neck twisting: that required a good grip and a LOT of surprise. A one on one would be too risky: he's have time to escape. The only way to do it was fast and quick, with no hesitation, no room for mistake.

Mindy could do that. She'd done worse, after all.

She left onto the kid's shoulders, but the knife was already in her hands, ready to go.
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Gonna assume after this reply then?

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No point wasting time, lingering. It was like it was back home without the glee in taking her time and letting go on criminal flunkies. She just had a job to do now, and it started here. She made sure to press hard enough that it didn't take any time at all: one smooth, quick stroke, and then it was over. After that, move. Keep going. Wouldn't do to linger after a kill, someone might use that opportunity to take her out too.
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Apologies for the fashionably late!

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As much as he had hated the thought, Shion had been right when he'd suggested Rat wait for him. As much as he wanted to act like he was okay, dealing with this wound was exhausting. He found corner to settle into, one where no one would know he was there until they happened across him. And by then, he'd know they were coming.

He didn't peek up from his spot until he heard the thing get tossed. He was just in time to see the little girl jump on Shion. He pulled out his own knife and pulled himself vertical.

He wasn't going to make it. "Shion!" But before he could even get his name out, she'd done it. She was just like him. At least it hadn't been painful for him.

He just stared at Shion's body from a distance as the girl ran off. He noted her clothing, though, even if he hadn't seen her face well from here. Shion was dead. Again. Because of his failure.

He hobbled over. He knew he didn't have long before the body was whisked away. He dropped to his knees beside him. He took what supplies he'd had off of him, and closed his eyes. "I don't need to sing for you. I'll see you later." Yeah, he had to remember that. He wasn't really gone. He'd be waking up in the tower later.

He stood up again and left in the direction Mindy had gone in. He had a favor to repay.