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You'd think if would be weird wearing a shirt that has your friends faces on it

WHO| Tony Stark and anyone going past the store?
  Including: Anyone part of the Marvel universe because man there's a lot of us now.
WHAT| Tony has been hiding away the last week, now he's not trying to hide so much.
WHEN| Throughout week 2
WHERE| Third floor in the Marvel-New York store
WARNINGS| Nothing other than Tony being Tony.

On the first day, when Tony had left the rink to explore with Bruce, they hadn't ended up staying with each other for too long both parting while exploring before each other realised how far they got from each other.

It hadn't taken Tony long to snatch a few things before making his way up to the third floor, assuming that would be the last place those eager to murder would get to, it was as he passed one window that made him stop, take a few steps back, and stare in the window. There were two buildings in the window one was his own Stark Tower, the other, looked remarkably like the mansion he lived in before being shipped off to various boarding schools.

Tony wasn't going to pass this up, so he pushed his way in, taking in what's around in the stores, various avenger toys, the first fedew were nothing he hasn't already seen so he went about picking through drawers and attacking the cash register to see what he could work with, working a little smarter this time and every now and then looking up to see if anyone was coming.

In the week that followed, Tony didn't venture out much from the shop,  apart from when he needed to use the bathroom or eat. It was while out in the food court that Tony rediscovered Bruce, while wearing an Avengers t-shirt and Iron man sleep pants. It hadn't taken long at all to get Bruce back to the store Tony took over, he laughingly offered him a hulk doll that roars when you squeeze it before going back to working on various little explosives, smoke bombs, and tasers from the everyday items that were available, all the while using everything around him to help keep him comfortable. 

And yes, at the moment even his underwear and socks have one or all the avengers on them at anyone time. Being forced to live as an obsessive fanboy isn't as weird as he thought it would be. He's even wearing Iron Man converse. Even now he's sitting on the counter wearing comic book avengers sleep pants, a Hawkeye shirt and a captain America hoodie with Thor socks on, he looks way more ridiculous than he feels.
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Bucky appears in Tony's vicinity carrying what looks like (smells like) a bag of food newly swiped from ground floor. Going up and down between the floors has become a lot less harrowing since he'd gotten his hands on ropes and made his own improvised grappling hooks to avoid the deathtraps that were the escalators.

His eyebrows raise when a cautionary scope of the store interior finds Tony there on the counter and Bucky drifts closer, staring at the mishmash of clothing and pointedly the Captain America hoodie the other man wears. Buck himself is dressed in sensible dark colours; a hoodie, pair of pairs and sturdy boots. Clothing with plenty of room to hide weapons in.

A walkie talkie is one his hip, anything else he's carrying is stowed away out of sight in a backpack.

"What are you doing?" he asks, interested by whatever it is Tony's fiddling with.
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Bucky catches on quickly, placing the bag down where indicated. A curious mix of smells wafts from it as he had indiscriminately gone through the entire food court, picking up pieces of everything he could. Bread, fajitas, burgers, pretzels... anything that didn't seem likely to spoil too quickly (which meant no froyo).

"Weapons?" he asks, leaning to examine the things Tony is working on, though not touching them. Bucky isn't sure he's allowed to do that and so refrains, even if he is interested.
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"What do they do?"

His eyes flicker at that sentiment. It's a common one amongst the tributes and something Bucky is still struggling to wrap his head around. At this point though he's decided not to argue it -- because increasingly he is starting to feel that his perspective is the wrong one.

That, and he doesn't want to give the Capitol what they want, especially after what he had found last week.
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Bucky's an attentive listener as Tony explains his work, eyes peering intently at each device and instantly cataloguing it, coming up with numerous strategies to incorporate each one as he went on. with a considering tilt of his head he gave a nod and pronounced them, "Useful."

By this point in his association with Tony Stark the assassin has come to accept the numerous names thrown at him as the quirk they were and since often the explanation behind them was never important past that particular conversation he'd reached the decision to stop asking for one. He simply lets the 'Mr Bond' roll off him as he straightens up from where he'd bent forwards.

It might occur to someone else to ask Tony if he had any of the little devices to spare, or if he could make something for them. Bucky doesn't however, out of habit that he should not -- but he does consider that he could help gather the materials for them. "What do you need to make them?"

It's part of the role he has assigned himself for this arena.
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"I can bring them." he says with an acknowedging nod, adding electronics to the list of supplies he keeps an eye out for. The phone store may be useful in this endeavour, something Bucky had put out of mind once it because clear the phones wouldn't actually do anything useful themselves, the parts in the right hands however could.

The roombas he doesn't exactly consider a challenge in catching, they are small and slow.

Not today though, he is done for today with only a couple hours before the mall will close for the night. Bucky slides the backpack off his shoulders, intending to take out his prize for a closer inspection when Tony asks that question. He looks at his metal arm and as he would have for the HYDRA technicians holds it up, working the fingers and turning the joints, the action is smooth and without problems. "It is functioning as normal."
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Unknown reference, ignore. That approach is working out favourably. He's pleased with himself for making that decision.

Everything about this encounter is proceeding fine, right up until the point Tony grabs the arm.

There's a moment when Bucky's mind somewhat shortcircuits, utterly taken aback by the complete boldness of Tony's attack. Others asked, others stared. No one had dared simply grab for it before, not even the HDYRA techs had until he was safely sat in his chair with armed men in the room (and then he was nothing but a thing to be tinkered with, a machine with no thoughts, no emotions). He's frozen by what's just happened, staring past Tony to the countertop at the projects the engineer has left there.

His chest feels tight, he can't think, his breath catches in his chest and there's allydonotharmdonotharm before the deeper parts of his brain kick into fight-or-flight mode and with a snarl he slams his human hand (luckily) into Tony's chest, pushing him away hard and tearing his metal arm free of his grasp as he backs off into a stand of brightly coloured t-shirts, breathing hard despite the lack of exertion on his part.
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The t-shirts are soft and that's a blessing, even if the Soldier's mind isn't really registering it.

His mind has ran far away from the store, from the mall and the present. He's thinking back into the past with heaving breaths, of a hard chair at his back and metal restraints around his arms. Impersonal hands pushing him this way and that. He's not in the arena anymore, he's back in the HYDRA base, afraid and helpless.

The machine is just behind him, he knows it. When they're done adjusting him they'll wipe him and he'll be put away, he'll forget everything. He'll forget Steve and freedom and what it's like to not be a weapon again and it'll hurt, hurthurthurthurt.

He can't even vocalise his distress, it's all locked up inside of him, a muted howl befitting HYDRA's attack dog.
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The store that collectively hosted memorabilia from their shared world had become something as a known safe place. It was a base to return to and somewhere you could almost always knowingly approach to find allies. Thor had met with Tony earlier and acknowledged that he had found a place to hunker down. As such, his immediate concern when he enters the store and hears signs of distress is that, once again, Tony has encountered a situation he can't handle.

He sweeps in with all the imposing presence that someone like him can provide, a dark look on his face that fades once he catches sight of Bucky in a state of distress. He doesn't know the man well, but he knows well enough to see that he's in a poor state. The imposing stance departs quickly and he takes a cautious step toward Bucky.

"What troubles you?" He asks in a soft but stern voice, wondering if he needs any medical assistance. It's then that he hears the sound of Tony struggling for breath in a similar manner and he wonders who to approach- if he should approach them at all. "You are in no danger. Both of you." His voice takes on that soft, diplomatic air, trying to keep evenly between them. "Stark, what ails you?"
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Bucky on the other hand reacts far more rashly to the new presence. He shifts, backing now into the nearest corner, fists clenched and looking like a cornered animal, ready to rip the throat out of anyone who comes near him.

Somewhere inside he's recognising Thor's voice, somewhere inside he knows the man is meant to be an ally, meant to be trusted. Tony was also meant to be an ally though and he still touched him like one of the technicians, ready to pull him open.

It's his arm, it's his, he's supposed to have choices now. Steve said so.

He makes a sound caught between distress and warning, eyes somehow fixed completely on the possible threat in front of him and also distant from the memories attempting to take him over.
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This is a peculiar situation indeed, not one he can boast much experience with either. He knows that first and foremost they need to calm themselves, though he can't alleviate much concern when he doesn't know where it's born from.

His gaze falls on Tony for a moment and he bites back the urge to bicker with his assessment of the situation. "Sit up." He urges, without condescension in his tone. "Allow yourself to breathe." Again, it's said lightly, just a suggestion and not a command as it generally would be from Thor.

The real attention is on Bucky for now, who is in a less stable state than Tony. Tony's state effects only himself, he doesn't know whether Bucky will strike if he deems it necessary. "I mean you no harm, Bucky. I approach you as a friend. We are all friends here." Some more than others, maybe. But he won't say this. "I've no reason to pose a threat, you must allow yourself to breathe."
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His teeth are bared now, adding to the image of a trapped animal, a begging attempt to be left alone, to not be hurt again. All instinct and no thought, not even to pull out one of the many knives he has hidden on himself.

It wouldn't work, it never worked. They lied, always. Tricked him, tormented him, promising that he was doing the right thing, good things. It's going to happen again.

Except Thor is not approaching him, he is not barrelling in to restrain him and drag him back to be wiped. There is no gun or other weapon in his hands to control him, take him down when the programming is glitching like it is now. He shudders, aware of growing dizziness in his head as he still struggles to breath properly, like the machine is coming down--

--he blinks, no, no there's no machine. There's no... he narrows his eyes, looking at Thor like he's a puzzle he's trying to understand.
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Tony makes it so hard for Thor not to berate him, so very hard. Perhaps a few years ago, he would have been the fool to barge into this situation and attempt to use force and anger in place of calm and patience. Maybe it doesn't work particularly well on Tony, but at the very least, he feels as if Bucky is coming around slowly at his urging.

"I trust you." He throws over his shoulder at Tony, and it's hard to say whether he's being sarcastic or not. "When you are ready, an explanation would be appreciated." Sometimes verbalising the situation, taking the time to explain it, can do a world of good. It can sober you more than you realise, but Bucky remains the priority.

With Bucky's eyes appraising him, he raises hands so he can see that he is unarmed and disinterested in a fight. "I will remain here until you bid me to move." He suggests, putting the power into his hands.
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I will remain here until you bid me to move.

His mind catches on it, because it's not right to give him power, he is not allowed the right of decision making. Decisions are for people, not weapons. A weapon is told what to do and punished when it does not obey.

The discrepancy is what manages to finally tug his mind back towards reality. Firm wall at his back, the brightly coloured merchandise and bright lights in the store a far cry from a dimly lit cell. His eyes flicker up, around and then land back on Thor.

He remembers where he is. Away from HYDRA but not safe.

Bucky's breathing eases slowly. "You... won't...?"
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For once, Tony's interjections are not useless to Thor. He considers what he says and puts it into context. Bucky is scared of a threat that is not here, he highly doubts a fear of Stark and Stark alone would put him into such a panic. His enemies are in his mind, and it has something to do with his arm.

Suddenly, Thor is very glad not to have forced his way closer, but he now wagers that Stark attempted something along those lines. He does remember Stark having some sort of light on his chest, so perhaps it is a sensitive area on him. Much like the rest of him, really.

"I will attend to you in a moment, then." He shoots at Stark before nodding at Bucky and letting his hands hang idly by his sides. "As I have said, I've no reason to. If you require assistance you may approach me, but I will not lay a hand on you."
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Bucky shudders, a full motion of his body as he latches onto the gratefully recieved option of choice, of control put into his hands.

The Soldier's back slides down against the wall as slowly he moves from standing to sinking down into a crouch, his human hand gripping his knee tightly and using that further to ground himself in the present. The cybernetic arm he curls in against his stomach, as if to shield it as he see's Tony stand up from behind the counter even though it's far from vulnerable.

He's still not nearly okay but at least he doesn't look ready to spring into attack anymore as he keeps his gaze warily fixated on Stark. Bucky doesn't understand what Tony just went though, he's barely aware of his shove having far more effect than it should have on the other man such was the depth of his own dive into the perceived vision of the horror of his past.

No other words come from him at the moment as he works on continuing to calm himself down.

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