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Who|: Alex Murphy and Bucky Barnes, Alex Murphy and Shaggy
What|: Alex Murphy finds out cyborgs and rotten floorboards don’t work together: he needs a super soldier to save his graphene butt. He also intercepts a parachute with food and gives it to Shaggy, the human blackhole.
Where|: For Bucky, an abandoned building on the edge of town. For Shaggy, the Amusement Park
When|: First night for Bucky, sometime during Week 1 for Shaggy

Prompts in the comments
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Those hands go right up. "Like, I didn't do anything, officer!" the shape replies. "There isn't even a crime scene to interfere with!"
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"Like, I'm Shaggy," the teen replies. "Like, Shaggy Rogers? Of, um, District... Five? Yeah, five. Um. Are you going to arrest me now?"
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Shaggy picks it up. There's a number '5' engraved on it. "Like, I guess? It has a five on it. I didn't order a parachute, though. Like, did you?"