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Who|: Alex Murphy and Bucky Barnes, Alex Murphy and Shaggy
What|: Alex Murphy finds out cyborgs and rotten floorboards don’t work together: he needs a super soldier to save his graphene butt. He also intercepts a parachute with food and gives it to Shaggy, the human blackhole.
Where|: For Bucky, an abandoned building on the edge of town. For Shaggy, the Amusement Park
When|: First night for Bucky, sometime during Week 1 for Shaggy

Prompts in the comments
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As it happens, Alex is right about one thing: other Tributes have passed up this building as a place to check for supplies. By this point, Bucky has already done some scouring for supplies, and now he's looking for a place to camp out for the night.

When he hears the nearby clanking, stomping, whirring noises, he assumes at first that it's some kind of machine monster sent by the Gamemakers. He doesn't yet know whether he has the equipment to fight something like that--the closest thing he has to a weapon right now is a flashlight. So he hides deep within an overgrown corner, obscured by vines and weeds and a few pieces of crumbling furniture.

He's only certain that Alex is another Tribute when he falls through the floor. The Gamemakers' own creations wouldn't sabotage themselves like that.

He slowly, cautiously emerges from the corner, brushing leaves and grime off himself, and picks his way carefully across the room to the hole in the floor. "That was some bad luck for you."
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Bucky himself never had any fancy night vision technology to begin with. All he sees down there in the hole is a vaguely human shape. But he recalls the noises he was hearing, and he's cautious.

Crouching down, he tries to make out more. No luck. So instead of offering a clear and definitive reply, he simply says, "That depends. You gonna try to kill me if I get you out of there? I know it's tempting, but that wouldn't end well."
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Up on the splintered floor, Bucky looks down into the darkness with an unimpressed expression. Sure, the other guy can't see it, but it comes across well enough in his voice when he speaks again. "They're expecting your buddies to fight and kill too, you know. So pardon me for being cynical."

In the same breath as he says that, though, he's lowering himself a little so he can reach safely down into the hole. "I don't give a crap about what people expect of me, though, so come on. I'll help you up."

He's wearing a long-sleeved jacket and gloves; it's hard to get a good read on just how muscular he is underneath it. But the grip of his hands is firm--both on his right where it's warm and on his left where it's cool and hard.
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For a dangerous moment, only silence greets him, and then a pained chuckle. "You have no luck at all, pal."

And then he's jumping down lightly into the hole himself, scrambling down the jagged rotten wood without taking any injuries, deft in his movements--even to limited vision, in the dark, it should be clear that he's more than just broad and tough, he's also quite agile and capable.

Bucky crouches to try to get a better look at the situation, to figure out how he can help free the other man. "Or maybe you've got all the luck, with that robot suit of yours. You'd be dead without it for sure."
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There's another of those weighty pauses as Bucky moves closer, stepping carefully in the darkness. "Can't exactly tell," he finally says. "I'm not a mechanic, and it's dark. In case you hadn't noticed."

He starts to move away again, trying to find the outline of the beam that's pinning Alex down. "Aha." His hands settle on the beam, then shift a little as he finds a place where it's a little easier to lift. "You ready? I'm going to try to lift this thing off you."
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"All right. One--two--" He braces himself. "Three." And he lifts.

It takes him a few more moments than he's used to. If he were at full power, if his left arm was working properly, he'd be able to left this thing almost effortlessly. As it is, he strains and breathes hard for a few seconds before it finally lifts and he manages to swing it over to the side where it can't do any more damage.

"Can you get up now, pal?"
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"Not exactly." Bucky's grinning now, warily. He's a little tense, unsure if he's looking at a potential ally or a threat. He may have just saved the other man, but who knows how he'll take that? He could just see it as an opportunity. "I'm--"

It seems almost harmless, to introduce himself as a superhero. It's not like this is his world, where he's in the shadows again. And he wouldn't say that he used to be Captain America, of course; that's giving away too much. And yet, how can he call himself a superhero when he's stuck in an Arena expected to fight to the death?

"I'm in real good shape. I get into a lot of fights back home." He glances around. "Not usually in places like this, though."
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sounds good

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"Wish I could say a lot of things I can't say here," is Bucky's slightly wry response. He glances away, off into the darkness, wondering just where the cameras are, just how they're being recorded. But there's no point in thinking too much on it. "But you're right. Let's get the hell out of this place."

He gingerly pushes a less dangerous-looking beam into a slant, so that they both have an easier way of getting out of the pit, and breathes a short sigh of relief when nothing else falls over as a result. He takes a few steps up to test it, then holds out his gloved left hand to help the other man up. "Come on."

A pause. "By the way. I'm Bucky Barnes. I'm going to try to help people here."

What he doesn't say: I'm not interested in playing this game the way they want me to. But it's clear enough.