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The Tributes are woken up early for this Arena, and switched from whatever sleeping attire they're currently in to a set of pajamas, each designed for the individual in questions. Women wear onesies, and most of the men wear two-pieces, but other than that any similarities are at random - the outfits are in all sorts of colors and patterns.

The floor of the helicopter taking them to their Arena location, and of the underground entrance to the tubes that hoist them to the surface, will feel cold under their bare feet.

Rather than bringing them to sunlight, like the tubes have in the past, instead the Tributes are presented to a dark concrete ceiling in a badly-lit parking lot. Fluorescent lights do little to illuminate the cavernous space.

The countdown begins, announced as if from far away.




The Cornucopia, a ghastly thing carved from stone and concrete, sits at the center of a pattern of white and yellow lines reminiscent of spots for parked cars. The painted lines create a sort of spoked wheel, providing lanes for the Tributes leading to the prizes at the center. Some of the more unfortunate Tributes will find the concrete architecture has placed pillars in their lanes.




Six parked cars lie around the outskirts of the huge lot, barely visible in the dim lighting. Glowing exit signs on two opposite sides of the chamber announce where Tributes should go to escape the bloodbath. Elevator doors are perched beneath them.




The gong rings out, and the countdown's voice announces "the Arena is now open". The Games have begun.
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That countdown was maddening. Almost as much so as his clothing. A cartoon rat costume? Really? They could have at least given him his boots. The sagging crotch could make it difficult to run at his full speed.

But as he stood on his platform, he scanned the area. He could almost see all the Tributes. Including Shion. He hated this, well and truly. He hated this as much as he hated allowing them to be rounded up by No. 6 so they could slip in to the Correctional Facility. Here he was staring death in the face again, and Shion was getting dragged along with him.

At the gong, he was off like a shot. He was going to use his speed to his advantage. Someone tried to get in his way. He vaulted over them like they'd been standing still. He saw what he wanted. That crossbow. Knives were his forte of course, but getting in close quarters would be more deadly here. He lost track of Shion in the fighting. He just hoped he had the good sense to hide somewhere. He probably should have said something to him before the Arena started. But then, they hadn't really any warning, did they?
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The crossbow had been the first thing he had spotted, sprinting for it he noticed that he wasn't the only one with his eye on the weapon. Dodging around a bloody fight he came up jut short of the smaller human to where the crossbow was. He knew that at this distance it was going to be difficult to catch up but he moved, coming up to the weapon almost at the exact same time.

Instead of reaching for it, he lashed out, going for a swing to the man's head. If they wanted it to be a bloodbath then he wasn't about to let his chance at survival slip past.
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Shion usually ran from the Cornucopia, it was a blood bath and one he didn't want any part in. He could always find supplies later, or die. The latter was more likely. But this time was different, because Rat was there. He looked around the strange room and spotted him through the gloom.

When the gong went it was Rat he followed. He wasn't as fast or as fit as Rat so he was a little behind when he saw the tribute swing towards Rat's head. He shouted out a warning and dived at the creature, not thinking past Rat, and saving him. His arms swung out wildly trying to knock him off balance, and give Rat time to escape.
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Damn you, Shion. He put his arms up to block the blow to the head, and it was then he found out that this guy was a strong as he looked. He could barely get his legs back underneath himself. But he couldn't just let Shion get killed by this guy instead. He grabbed up the crossbow and the bolts nearby. He wouldn't be able to load it like this, but he wasn't about to let go of it.

"Shion! Go!" Not that he would listen. But he'd say it anyway.
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He hadn't expected the kid to throw himself at him, his balance off centre as he grabbed for Shion to knock him to the side. Then he turned back to the crossbow, dealing another hard and fast blow, trying to get his balance under him again. He wanted that crossbow, even if it was proving more difficult than he'd imagined to get it.
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Shion ignored Rat, mostly because he was flying through the air. But even as he landed painfully he scrambled back up, determined to get back to him, to stop the creature killing him or hurting him.

"Leave him alone!" He shouted as he flung himself at Garrus once more, arms flailing about, lashing out.
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He was fairly sure that as long as he could get a good grip on him he could still toss a freak like this. But he needed his hands free. This guy had nice long legs, so he knew what he had to do.

He crouched like he was going to try to sweep Garrus's legs out from under him, but instead he darted underneath him, leading with the hand holding onto the crossbow with the bolts strapped to it. This way, even Shion was sure to get a bit of a head start on him.
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The second flailing attack Garrus was prepared for, meeting Shion with a strong swipe of his forearm to knock him out of the way. He was focused on Rat, but with the moment he had taken to knock Shion out of his way once again, Garrus needed to regroup and turned, entirely surprised by the trick of ducking under his legs.

It only took a second for Garrus to turn and lash out with razor sharp talons at Rat, now attempting to do damage and slow him down.
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Shion was flung to the side again, landing in a heap and taking a moment to reorientated himself. He saw the creature lash out at Rat again and ran forward, shouting hoping to distract him as he launched himself at his back, hoping to grab hold.
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Rat had made it most of the way under him before those claws had found a mark deep into his right calf. He didn't cry out, but if Shion saw his face, he'd see the pain in it. And the bright red color quickly spreading over the fabric of his clothes.

He continued under Garrus, and held the crossbow out to Shion. "Shion! Take it! Go!" Sure, that would put Shion in harm's way of Garrus's claws, but he had every intention of holding onto whatever part of Garrus's ankles he could get hold of to prevent that. He didn't look at his leg, but based on how it felt and how quickly the pain had gone numb, it wasn't good.
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He didn't even know what was going on in this fight anymore, trying to untangle his legs from where Rat had managed to grab onto him, he lunged to try to grab the crossbow from Shion. It was a long shot but with his legs tangled as they were, his attention turned back to trying to get Rat to let go. Even if it meant stepping on him and kicking, trying to shake him off.
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Shion grabbed the crossbow, though he had no intention of going anywhere when Rat was here and injured. Anger welled in Shion as he saw the blood and he launched himself at Garrus as he lunged towards him, bringing the crossbow down like a club, aiming for his head, hard.

"Let him go!"
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Rat was not going to let go. He and Shion's lives depended on it, and he was not going to fuck this up.

But when that crossbow came down like a club, he knew that was the distraction needed. He scrambled up from under Garrus as best he could. "Time to go!"