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WHO | Don, a shark, and OPEN
WHAT | Donatello vs. a shark.
WHEN | About 90 minutes-two hours post-Cornucopia
WHERE | The square area of M6, M7, N6 and N7

Don wasn't sure whether he was insane or not as he dove back into the waters of the lagoon. Maybe he was, maybe it was a trick of the eyes. But her was certain that he'd seen something near the middle of the lagoon. And that something had been a shark fin.

Shark. He wasn't sure which kind from that distance. But he was sure of one thing - there were sharks in this arena. Sharks, to a lot of people, meant Jaws. Sharks to Don meant food, possibly fluids to drink (though he admittedly never drank shark's blood, fluids were fluids and everyone would be trying for the coconuts. Always good to have backup plans, right?), and - perhaps more important - nice, sharp teeth. Teeth that in many older cultures were used as decoration - and weaponry and tools.

Provided he could find one and subdue it before it found and subdued him, of course.

He kept going underwater, his eyes searching, finding only other fish swimming away from him. But Don wasn't going to give up. Nor would he let his lack of weaponry hinder him. He had his floatation belt in hand, which could be more than useful in wrangling a shark. And his shell would be able to withstand a shark trying to chomp down on him.

Well, at least he hoped it would be.
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The smell of blood was thick and heavy and drove the shark nearly mad with excitement. But the sudden blindness was disorienting. In a moment of panic, the shark whirls it's massive head and snaps, tasting flesh once again. This time, a leg.

[[Mod Note: Surprise! You have been bitten by a shark. For 75 Credits, you can choose to survive this attack and be given medicine to be healed from this encounter. If you do not choose to pay the 75 credits, your character will die.]]